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Discover Your

Next Moves at Nexus Church is a guide to help you discover your redemptive purpose and live the life God created for you. With 3 steps, Next Moves invites you to encounter Jesus, establish purpose, get equipped with resources, and empower others through serving.

“We believe that God places the highest value on belonging to a local church.”

Next Moves Steps




Explore the Biblical foundation of Nexus Church and what exactly we believe and find out how to BELONG in our family! 



Discover your personality and gifits, see how they point to your purpose in life and your best fit in ministry. Learn how to BUILD the Kingdom! 


Connect to the opportunities at Nexus to live out your purpose and use your gifts serving others.

Why join a team?

Our mission at Nexus Church is to plunder hell and populate heaven. We have been invited to be part of the story He is telling and our role is to serve others. Join a team today to begin making a difference and find your purpose while serving others. We can all play a part in what God is doing no matter our age or background.
Join a team today to begin making a difference.

There is a place for everyone!

We are a house that REACHES the lost together, that SERVES together, that breaks bread together!

We are here to encourage and support one another, and Next Moves is your invitation to be a part of this family!