My dear friends, let me encourage you, prayer is not a last ditch effort to be considered when all-else has failed. Prayer is powerful. Prayer is effective. Prayer is a privilege. And praying is probably a whole lot easier than you think. 

What is prayer? 

In basic  terms, prayer is simply talking and listening to God.

How long should you pray?

Prayers can be short or long. There’s a time and a place for both. 

Where should I pray?

You can pray anytime and anywhere. It can be a corporate event or a private affair.

What happens when I pray?

Prayer is a spiritual action that takes place in the natural (physical) realm, causing changes in the spiritual (unseen) realm, and then manifests in the physical (seen) realm. 

Prayer also connects you with the heart of God. 

What should you say when you pray?

While we believe God hears all our prayers, we have found that praying scripture brings about powerful and effective results. If you’ll remember, Jesus did not speak on his own terms, but he spoke the words of his Father. In the same way, we should also speak things in line with our Heavenly Father’s will. You can find out God's will for you by reading the Bible - the Word of God.