There's lots of fun to be had at Nexus Kids where every week, our leaders pour into the next generation - raising up world-changers who love God and his house!

On your first visit to Nexus Kids, you will be greeted by a leader at our check-in desk. We will collect some basic information and enter your children into our database. We recommend you arrive at least 15 minutes before service begins for this initial setup. You will then be issued a security tag. That tag will have a number on it that will match the number on your child’s security tag. Hang on to this as you will need to show this security tag to pick up your child at the end of service. Once we have issued your tags, a team member will introduce you to Nexus Kids and show you to the correct classes for your children. Please be sure you let us know if your child has any allergies or special requirements during sign in.

If your kids are regulars at Nexus Kids, sign in is simple… just follow these steps:


Go to the Nexus Kids check-in desk and sign in on one of the iPads.


Take your children to their age specific classroom, give them a hug and enjoy the service!


Show your child's security tag and collect your child from their classroom at the end of the service.



In the Nexus Kids Nursery, children begin their journey toward lifelong learning and leadership in a clean, safe, and nurturing environment. In our classroom, children will discover who God is through the love and nurturing care of our volunteers. Each week volunteers pray over the babies and their families.


In the Nexus Kids Toddler class, your children will enjoy play time, fun activities, and learn about God through interactive Bible stories.


In Nexus Kids Preschool your children will begin to learn about their relationship with God in ways that are simple, creative and fun. Children will begin to form lasting friendships while participating in learning centers, story time, and an exciting worship experience with kids of all ages.


Nexus Kids combines high-energy activities with Bible-based teaching. A combination of games, interesting skits, and fun-filled songs capture kids’ attention while showing them that living for God is the best thing out there.