We believe that God wants us to be connected! Connection creates family and when a family comes together, anything is possible! As a church we don't want people to be just spectators, we want people to be participators in what God is doing in our house.


Recently new or looking to get connected? Join us at our next Partnership Dinner. You'll learn more about our mission and vision, get to know Pastors Jon & Lisa and the Nexus Staff, and have to opportunity to ask questions. Dinner and Childcare are provided.


Nexus Church is not built on the gifts and talents of a few, but on the sacrifice of many. Nexus doesn’t just happen week to week, it’s built and carried everyday, by everyday people; People who give of their time, talent and energy to make church great for others. Whether it’s sweeping or singing, on Sunday or midweek, volunteering is a fantastic way to forge new friendships while learning new skills or strengthening already established ones.