Through our monthly partnership dinner, attendees encounter three important elements that will help bring them into a deeper revelation of Christ's love: [ONE] Engaging in new relationships at their table as we share a meal together. Each table has a Nexus staff member or volunteer that facilitates this time. [TWO] Teaching on what Nexus believes about the grace and love of Christ and how we can move from a "church consumer" to a "church contributor" with one's time, talent and treasure. [THREE] A deeper understanding of why we are called to partner with a local church community and how this creates care and protection in our lives. Sign up for our next partnership dinner.


    Community Groups are the heartbeat of Nexus Church. By creating a sense of family and enabling you to build relationships, they make big cities feel like home. No matter what your interests, career goals, stage of life or zip, there’s a Community Group that’s a great fit for you. Sign up for a community group.


    Nexus Church is not built on the gifts and talents of a few, but on the sacrifice of many. Nexus doesn’t just happen week to week, it’s built and carried everyday, by everyday people; People who give of their time, talent and energy to make church great for others. Whether it’s sweeping or singing, on Sunday or midweek, volunteering is a fantastic way to forge new friendships while learning new skills or strengthening already established ones. Sign up to get involved.